About us / 关于我们

We are an Internet company that can help you save money and make money. Paid RM2000++ to shared platform every month? You could save those money by using our services. Order from PC, tablet and mobile phone, your customer will love the experience from your own website.

我们是能帮您省钱,赚钱的网络公司 为什么要支付巨额的订单佣金给网络平台?我们可以帮助您打造自己的订餐网站,不再受制于人。 与时俱进,电脑、平板、手机都能随时查阅您的菜单,当然也可以随时下单,缓解繁忙时间的电话订单压力。

Our vision

eFocus was established in July 2015 with the intention of providing quality software/services to businesses in need of IT and also providing mobile content and services E-commerce & online solution for your F&B business to cater to customer self-pickup & self-delivery system. Our VISION Become a global well known company, who provide very useful software that everyone must use or apply in their.

eFocus 成立于 2015 年 7 月,旨在为需要 电子商务的企业提供优质的软件/服务,并为无线设备市场提供移动内容和服务,以及为您的电子商务/餐饮业务提供在线解决方案,以迎合客户自取自取的需求系统。我们的愿景 成为一家全球知名公司,提供非常有用的软件,每个人都必须在其业务中使用或应用。我们的使命 开发具有成本效益的软件,帮助客户有效地实现业务增长并迈向成功之路。